Thursday, January 3, 2008

new year

Sorry for not posting or visiting anyones blog for a while, the time just seems to get away and the next thing I know a week has gone by and I haven't even looked at my blog.

This is a shot of Ranger in our driveway the other day, it looks like we might have a real winter this year for a change. There is about ten inches of snow on the ground now , and the temp in hanging in the teens and twenty's .


don said...

A fine picture of Ranger. I especially like the highlights in his eyes as he stares at "the man" handling a camera! Yikes!:-) Nice one, Lloyd.

Photo Cache said...

With the conditions as they are, Ranger cant be denied his walk, right. Nice pic of him.

madretz said...

welcome back and happy new year. great pic.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Best wishes for 2008.
Nice pic, Ranger should stay warm in the snow with that nice thick coat.