Thursday, January 31, 2008

Global warming?

These are a few shots I took around our house today, looks like we are having a normal winter, the first one we have had in quite some time. I am ready for it to end soon , I am tired of plowing the driveway, but it is very beautiful. I think we have had about sixty inches total for the year and more on the way.

The city of Spokane forgot how to take care of the streets, I don't think who ever is running the street department has ever been through a winter like this, maybe never been through a winter period, probably from a warmer climate.The streets are worse than I have ever seen them and I have been driving on them about forty years, ( I know that is a long time and yes there were cars that long ago ha ha.)there have been many winters with lots of snow so I don't know what the problem is .

Saturday, January 19, 2008

little falls

This is the top of the dam that you see in the next two pictures

From this view the lower photo is to the right of the upper photo

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Little falls dam

In December my father-in law and I took a little drive on a Saturday morning out to Little Falls dam, it is about forty miles from home, and it is about ten miles past Long Lake dam, both are on the Spokane river. You can see Long Lake dam on my 09/19/2007 blog labeled dam shots. I will be posting more shots of this dam this week. If you would like more information on this dam copy and paste this into your browser. There is to much information to post here.

On our drive I saw this shadow on the car and had to stop and take a picture, you have to take this type of shot when you see it as the sun doesn't wait for you, a few minutes later and it wouldn't have been there.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

more winter

Just a quick shot of Ranger it is still winter here. This is the first real winter we have had for quite a few years it is very nice and quite beautiful.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

new year

Sorry for not posting or visiting anyones blog for a while, the time just seems to get away and the next thing I know a week has gone by and I haven't even looked at my blog.

This is a shot of Ranger in our driveway the other day, it looks like we might have a real winter this year for a change. There is about ten inches of snow on the ground now , and the temp in hanging in the teens and twenty's .