Saturday, February 9, 2008

More PT Trip

This is more of Seattle, the tall structure you see is the Space needle it was built for the 1962 Worlds fair which my Mom and I got to attend. My Dad was in Seattle for a week when the Space needle was being built.

This is a small part of the port area, and these are used to load and unload ships

This is one of the ships leaving Seattle with the Olympic mountains in the background.

Monday, February 4, 2008

PT. trip

Ranger and I went over to Port Townsend on the week of January 21st to help my mother-in law get some things done to her house. I got the basement insulated and some sheet rock put up and we got a lot of stuff straitened up and hauled to the dump. So here are some pictures of my trip.

This is a picture of MT.Rainer taken on the trip over, we were out in the middle of Washington state someplace not sure where we were at the time, Ranger doesn't know either as he was asleep in the back. I have done this drive so many times I don't pay to much attention to where I am until I get to where I am going.

The next pictures are taken from the ferry at Seattle.

I tried to get the seagulls flying around, people feed them French fries so they know there is always food at the pier.These two shots are of Seattle as we were leaving the dock, it is about a 25 min. ride to the other side.