Thursday, January 31, 2008

Global warming?

These are a few shots I took around our house today, looks like we are having a normal winter, the first one we have had in quite some time. I am ready for it to end soon , I am tired of plowing the driveway, but it is very beautiful. I think we have had about sixty inches total for the year and more on the way.

The city of Spokane forgot how to take care of the streets, I don't think who ever is running the street department has ever been through a winter like this, maybe never been through a winter period, probably from a warmer climate.The streets are worse than I have ever seen them and I have been driving on them about forty years, ( I know that is a long time and yes there were cars that long ago ha ha.)there have been many winters with lots of snow so I don't know what the problem is .


FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

You sure there were cars back then??? >8D

We've had a lot of snow too, and it's so cold and, at times, windy... A very cold winter this one. I feel sorry for the pushcart vendors!

I see you've just left a comment on my blog (looks like we were commenting on each other's blog at the same time - my cell rang while I was typing, that's why I'm still composing this...), and, yes, the detail atop the roof and the cross are copper. Lovely shade of green, isn't it?

BTW, did you notice the update in my post? I'd love to hear your opinion.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh my gosh that is a lot of snow, altho i have to say i am sitting here at Hi Lo motel / rv park with about that much snow and still snowing, we were planning on leaving this morning and heading home who son said we have a lot of snow as well. But the wind was blowing so hard last night about 3 am that we had to put the slides in. Poor cats were scared to death and Little Princess slept thru the whole thing. Altho i did take her out this morning she looked at me like "are you crazy"? you want me to do what out here?!!!

don said...

This is a fine series of shots of the snow. I especially like those that show how much it has the deck table, and the ruler of course. Ranger looks like he likes the snow.
I like your title!

Luke said...

I am honestly tired of this snow! but I did get 4 days off, so far.
very nice pictures!

Photo Cache said...

Oh when can I have a snow day? Maybe with all this global warming thing we could get some snow down here in the SF bay area? Wishful thinking? I am having snowy thoughts now. Looks great, am green with your winter whites.

Donna said...

Only beautiful if you are inside looking out, I'm thinking. Very effective pictures illustrating a whole lot of snow. Ranger, what are you thinking, laying there so relaxed. --Donna

Ex-Shammickite said...

Thats a lot of snow. We have probably had about the same in total, but we have had a few melts so it isn't so deep. Just look back at these photos in the middle of July when it's so darn hot that you can't breathe....!