Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ranger and Scout

Ranger trying to get Scout to play.

Ranger getting mad because Scout wants to play.

Scout has already grown quite a bit.

Who could resist this face.

If you compare this picture to the other one of Scout sleeping under the table you can see how much he has grown


Luke Wiley said...

Very nice! When does scout get his own blog?

don said...

This is a fine series Lloyd. I especially like the pictures of Scout sleeping. What a fine dog he is. I enjoyed being with him yesterday on the drive to Omak. He's a little trooper when it comes to traveling. He seems to prefer being up in the seat which will work out well when he and Ranger are both traveling - Ranger in the floor and Scout up in the seat! :-)

Photo Cache said...

Oh he's adorable. They grow up so fast. My fingers are itching to pet him :)

Shammickite said...

What a ball of fluff!
I'm glad Ranger gets on well with him. It's so much fun having dogs to take for walks. I often have my son's golden doodle here for the weekend. We have lots of fun but she drives me bonkers cos she's so naughty at times.