Friday, October 5, 2007

more july motorcycle trip

This is part of highway 20 the North Cascade highway, which is of course in the Cascade mountain range, it is a beautiful motorcycle trip or car trip, this was toward the end of July, there is a portion of the road that is closed in the winter, as you can imagine how much snow there must be. For more information copy and paste this address into your browser.

This is Mount Baker which also is in the Cascade range here is some info on it. Mt. Baker Elevation: 10,800 ft (3285 m) has been very active over the last 10,000 years. Over that time it has had one pyroclastic flow, at least four small tephra eruptions, at least two lava flows and at least eight mud flows. Mud flows remain the largest hazard on Mt. Baker. Mt. Baker erupted in 1843. This eruption resulted in the deaths of many fish in the Baker River, a large forest fire, and the dropping of volcanic ash. The release of steam occurred at Mt. Baker in 1975-6, but no eruption followed this event. One of the most recent formations on Baker is a ~2500 ft (~760 m) wide, ~330ft (~100 m) high cinder cone and its ~7 mile (~11 km) long lava flow at Schreibers Meadow.Mt. Baker has erupted 13 times in recorded history. Its last eruption was in 1880.

This is Protection Island we took a tour boat out around the island, at first glance this looks like rocks but look closer these are sea loins. We also got to see the tufted puffins. Protection Island National Wildlife Refuge Protection Island Refuge is located near the mouth of Discovery Bay in the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Jefferson County, Washington. Approximately 70 percent of the nesting seabird population of Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca nest on the island, which includes one of the largest nesting colonies of rhinoceros auklets in the world and the largest nesting colony of glaucous-winged gulls in Washington. The island contains one of the last 2 nesting colonies of tufted puffins in the Puget Sound area. About 1,000 harbor seals depend upon the island for a pupping and rest area.

We stayed at my mother-in-laws in Discovery Bay here are a couple of shots from her yard


don said...

An interesting and varied series of shots. I like the mountain road curving into the picture. The information with each section adds much to the shots. I was surprised to learn how active Mr. Baker has been over the years. Nice work.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Great shots of the scenery and love the flowers
I like doing the websites as well, i do them to my blog as it gives people the opportunity to check it out without having to look it up