Sunday, August 5, 2007

The last of Leavenworth

Here are the last Leavenworth pictures for awhile, hope you enjoy.

I didn't notice that this butterfly was missing a part of it's wing until I got the picture on the computer, it is still very beautiful.

Another of the many beautiful flowers that are everywhere in this little town. You can't capture the beauty of all the hanging baskets with a camera , you need to go and see them in person.

This was taken at O'Grady's where we ate most of our meals.

This is the Wenatchee River taken from the park that is on the edge of Leavenworth, about a three min. walk from down town. This is the place to be on a hot day as there are many swimming spots in the park.

I just thought this guy was cool and very big, and he was nice enough to turn and look so I could get a good picture of him.

2 comments: said...

Another nice series of shots in Leavenworth. Some fine nature shots. I like the river view very much.The long horn is in a category all of his own. Nice shooting.

luke156 said...

nice.. that bull has lots of character!